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Why Fitness Worldwide?

At Fitness Worldwide Gyms, we are committed to bringing family-friendly fitness facilities to the Pee Dee community.

While other gyms may offer a low entry price, lower prices often mean fewer membership benefits, less equipment, limited gym hours, no family options, etc.


When you join Fitness Worldwide, you get all the membership benefits, regardless of the plan you choose. Compare all that Fitness Worldwide provides for members with other gyms, and you will see that there really is no comparison. 


-24x7 access to ALL locations

-Affordable Family Plans

-Group Fitness Classes 

-Large variety of equipment

-Childcare hours

-Unlimited Tanning

-No Contracts

-Personal Trainers onsite


Gym Plans and Guidelines

  • Find out more details on membership plans here

24x7 Access

Unlike many gyms, with limited operating hours, our gyms offer 24x7 access to our members via keycard. We know how hard it can be to carve out time for fitness, so our gyms are open all hours to fit all schedules. 

No hassles. No Contracts.

Show up at the gym and experience a hassle-free, family-friendly workout environment. No contracts. No commitment. Cancel anytime with 30 days notice. 

Endless Tanning

We have tanning beds available at nine of our public locations. Come and get your skin tone summer ready all year long. Tanning is unlimited for members and available for all members during staffed gym hours. 

Group Fitness Classes

Each week we have hundreds of members participating in group fitness classes across our locations. From dance classes and yoga, to weightlifting and kickboxing, we offer a wide variety of group fitness experiences to bring fun, community, and accountability to your weekly fitness. routine

One Gym. Many Locations. 

With locations across Darlington, Florence, Hartsville, Dillon, Marion, Lake City, Bennettsville, and Cheraw, you're never far from a Fitness Worldwide gym. All members get 24x7 access to all of our locations. And for ladies, we have the only Ladies Only gym in the area -- located in Florence. 

Affordable Family Plans 

Make fitness a part of your family. With childcare available at many of our locations, you can workout while your kids have fun. And if you have teens, our family-friendly gyms make fitness a fun afterschool family activity.

What Our Clients Say


Curtis Boyd, Owner

"I opened my first gym in 1989. Since then, through many long days and nights, many volunteers, helpers, family, and friends,, Fitness Worldwide has expanded to 12 local locations and over 60 employees. 


I have always been committed to 24x7 customer service, and even after all these years, I still love what I do. And I love our members.


But the most important thing to me in business is to share the Love of Jesus to all through what we do. I fall short daily but I pick back up and continue to strive to offer a great place for everyone, single and families, to enjoy and know that, above all, Jesus loves you!"

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