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Sheila Marie

While doing a triathlon was always a goal, the goal wasn't the reason I registered for my first triathon. My now ex husband knew I wanted a bike (I was thinking beach cruiser). He brought a flea market find home and it had what I called "racing wheels". I looked at him and said, "well I guess I'll do a triathlon". And so I registered.  I got online and found a schedule.  I joined the Y and started training.  I didn't have a fancy watch so I took pennies and moved a penny from 1 pile to the other to count laps. I used a free app to track miles while running and biking. My helmet is from Walmart and so were my workout clothes and goggles.  I didn't have fancy tri kits. I wore my bathing suit and figured it out.   I didn't have a personal white board to keep track of exercises and rounds. This past weekend. ..I still used that flea market bike and Walmart helmet and goggles. ...they work! My goals are always changing and I have taken kettlebell classes and enlisted the help of wonderful coaches. Ive done spartan races and PR'd 5ks. I will be investing in new equipment; but, my point is this: Don't let excuses keep you from following your dreams and reaching your goals. Use what you have and add to it when possible. Remember: even Rocky chased a chicken at first.

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Tony Samuel

Meet Tony, starting at over 600 POUNDS. Most would never enter the gym. Most would keep making excuses. 

Tony is NOW at 493. Over 107 pound loss. That’s a whole person. He is doing great. He shows up! And he trains. Never complains. He takes whatever you give them and smiles!! 
He has only just begun!

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Phillip McCarty

Phillip has done a tremendous job and overcome many obstacles in life. Over the last 19 months he has lost 146 pounds. From a 5x to a 2x shirt!!! We are very proud of him and his story.


Stay focused on Jesus and He will move you forward.

Send us your story!

Send us your story!

James Tyler Boyd

Story Coming Soon!