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Kettlebell Fitness:

Have you ever felt intimidated by weight lifting? During my kettlebell class, you will learn proper form, challenge yourself, and complete a new routine every eight weeks. There are many benefits to training with kettlebells such as: improves balance, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Kettlebell training engages multiple muscle groups at the same time and is a highly effective way to build strength, flexibility and power in a short period of time. 

Run Club:

Whether you enjoy sprinting up hill, or going for a leisurely walk, run club accommodates to all fitness levels. Why run alone when you could be part of a group? Run Club focuses on getting individuals moving. Regardless of your pace, you are still lapping those on the couch. Being a part of Run Club includes speed and endurance training, hill repeats, and a lot of fun.


High intensity interval training is an effective training method that BLAST away fat! HIIT training is a fast way to burn fat in a short period of time. The best part of all, your body continues burning calories even after the workout is over. If you are looking for a quick, yet effective way to burn fat, then give HIIT IT a try. Please remember to bring a towel, because I will have you pouring sweat.


Personal Trainer:

I have been a Fitness World employee since 2012. Whether you are looking for one on one training, group training, weight lifting or cardio, I am 100% dedicated to helping you reach your goals! I am a HIIT IT, Run Club, and Kettlebell Instructor. I am also a certified AFFA Personal Trainer and NPC Bikini Competitor. I am an energetic trainer, who believes fitness should be fun, not boring. Through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, anything is possible.


Kettlebell Group Fitness Instructor AFAA Certified Personal Trainer CPR Certified

VPX Athlete/Bang Energy Model

Fitness Competitor:
Third Place in Figure at The Europa Games-2016 Third Place in Bikini at The Europa Games-2016 

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