West Palmetto Classes

Group Fitness classes are currently following social distance protocols. Be sure to bring a towel with you when you come to the gym. 


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ROW-tine @6PM

with Ash

Join Ash and make rowing part of your fitness routine. A combination of row-machine techniques, body weight exercises, ab development, and cardio, make this an incredible, endurance-building experience.


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Kettlebell Fitness @ 6PM

with Kristina

Use a combination of kettlebells and movement to build strength and increase endurance. This is a highly effective and challenging workout that can be tailored to all fitness levels.

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Knockout @ 6:15PM

with Ashton

Take out your stress on a punching bag in this fun workout. Channel your inner boxer and get fit with us.

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Run Club @ 7PM

with Kristina

Take to the streets or the treadmills with a group of people ready to improve their stamina and endurance. One of the best ways to increase your fitness level and improve your health is by running. Come run with us.


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Bootcamp @8:30AM

with Maria

Join Maria and work on your strength and endurance through moving to upbeat music while doing body weight exercises -- including using kettle bells, dumb bells, and doing ab work. Come change your core for the better and invite a friend!


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Kettlebell Fitness @6PM

with Kristina

Have you ever felt intimidated by weight lifting? During this kettlebell class, you will learn proper form, challenge yourself, and complete a new routine every eight weeks. Kettlebell training improves balance, endurance, flexibility and coordination. It engages multiple muscle groups at the same time and is a highly effective way to build strength, flexibility and power in a short period of time. 

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Knock Out @ 6:15PM

with Ashton

The perfect class to get rid of your daily stress. We may not have you in the ring but slide on some gloves or wraps and we will have you punch and kick your way into a more zen mood while burning some calories.

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