Lindsay Brazell, Group Fitness Manager

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Are you ready to train? Are you ready to work hard? Are you ready to see what that hard work can do for you? Are you tired of being out of breath after going up a flight of stairs, or running with your kids? Then contact me! Let's get this started! 

Contact Information:

Phone: 843.610.3872



AFAA Personal Trainer

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Zumba Instructor

CPR, AED, First Aid Certified

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My Story:

My journey to better health started at Fitness World Gyms in 2012. After seeing some pictures of myself and realizing I had given more attention to everything else in my life and not to my own body, I had to make a change. I got online and signed up with the closest gym which happened to be Fitness World. I attended every Zumba class, bootcamp style class, and cardio class I could find. I saw some changes but I was beating myself up to out train the bad food choices I still made. You cannot out train a bad diet! I am living proof. After some talks with myself, I tried to put it all together. That is when I started seeing results I wanted. I literally still pray often for help with self control when it comes to my nutrition plan. I love food! But it can be done! I found CrossFit and fell in love! High intensity, different everyday, and this momma can lift! I started teaching Zumba at Fitness World and one class lead to another class and more certifications. I want to help people, espeically women, not say anything negative when they look in the mirror. I want you to see your hard work, be encouraged to work harder, and believe that YOU CAN accomplish anything you want to in the gym! Does it take hard work? YES YES and YES!!! But what would the point be if it didin't take hard work? I still have goals, I still want to lift more, lean out more, and do more! But the day we stop wanting more, we stop reaching goals. Be a goal crusher! Let's get it!