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Current Certifications:

Red Cross CPR-Standard First Aid



Previous Certifications:

FLETC Fitness Coordinator

CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Instructor

CrossFit Olympic Lifting

CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor

Mobility Instructor

Personal Defense Instructor Level 1, 2 – Blauer Tactical Systems

Scott Puckett

Scott grew up physically active outdoors, and in the gyms where he could find quality coaching. After experiencing some disappointments in the coaching he received as a boy, he realized the value of earnest and devoted teachers. Having competed in various sports and physical tests, he understands how to build strength and endurance in others, not just himself. He is a veteran law enforcement and security professional with over twenty-five years’ experience; having recently retired from law enforcement as a training sergeant where he taught all levels of physical fitness, tactics, firearms, driving, and self-defense training.


Scott experienced the value of strength and endurance while assigned to a mentor team in Afghanistan where he taught the Afghan Border Patrol to apply their learned skills on the Pakistan border. There Scott was exposed to high intensity group training that was used to build strong bodies, minds, and team unity. Upon his return home, his passion to coach transitioned to helping others expand their capacity to surpass their potential physically and mentally. For twenty years Scott has focused on honing his skills as a teacher, mentor, and coach in fitness, fighting, and firearms skill sets, currently teaching civilians, law enforcement, and military, in combatives, physical fitness and personal defense.


Scott is motivated through the accomplishments of his students and clients. He believes in the philosophy that it matters not what the coach has personally achieved, but rather what can the coach help others achieve.


Jesus Christ is Lord.

Contact Scott:

Phone: (803) 673-9667‬




2014 SCLEOA Police Olympics Director

2013 SCLEOA Police Olympics Director

2012 Coach SCLEOA Police Olympics 2 Champions

2012-14 Coach CrossFit Games Competitions

2011 Winner of Discovery Channel’s One-Man Army

2011 Overall winner SCLEOA Police Olympics

2001-02 SCLEOA Olympics Power Lifting Weight Class Champion


Jesus Christ is Lord.

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