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Cassidy Drake


Cass has been coaching people in becoming their best versions of themselves since 2000 when he entered Active Duty with the military. Since that time he has coached at multiple Strength and Conditioning facilities in the Western US. He has formatted and planned workout programs for professional climbers, mountain guides, law enforcement, military personnel, and civilians of all types. This includes the design and build out of multiple climbing gyms in Utah, Washington, and Texas. 


He is currently a Lieutenant for a South Carolina Law Enforcement Agency. Before moving to South Carolina he worked in Law Enforcement for the state of Utah where he designed and implemented the "Edged Weapons Countermeasures" course that is now taught to all Academy students and at in-service training for Parole Agents and Corrections Officers. 


For over 20 years Cass has been helping others find their capacity for their mental and physical capabilities. To this day he continues to find new ways to coach civilians, law enforcement, and the military in fitness, combatives, and firearms. Cass is motivated by watching his clients and students succeed. 

Contact Cassidy:

Phone: (801)920-3010‬‬


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