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Jennifer Edwards, Personal Trainer

Trainer and Fitness Instructor


Contact Information:

Cell - 843-206-1068
Email -
Website -

Jennifer has been a certified Zumba Fitness Instructor for seven years. She is an energetic ball of enthusiasm who motivates and instructs busy mothers and career women on how to shape their bodies the fun way! She’s been a performer for 20 years, so working out with her feels like a fitness party! She discovered her love for personal training through strength training classes at the Fitness World Lady Gym. 

Jennifer started teaching group strength training on a regular basis and her love for training grew. She wanted to impact more lives on a different level, so she was inspired to shred bodies with not only Zumba but personal training as well. 

Jennifer loves to help, motivate, and inspire others. What better way to do it than to help others achieve body, health, wellness, and fitness goals?! She holds multiple certifications — Personal Training, Group Fitness, Zumba, Step Aerobics, and Kickboxing. 

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