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Holly Collins, Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Profile Picture Lindsay Brazell

I have been a certified personal trainer through ISSA for a little over 2 years. Although I am still relatively new as a trainer, my passion for health and fitness and motivating and inspiring others to change their lives and transform burns bright every single day. The gym really is my happy place and my therapy. I love working with and around like minded individuals and am very blessed to have this opportunity to work for Fitness World Gyms. I love working one on one with clients, and I really shine when it comes to group fitness. I love the energy and vibe that my fit family gives and I love to pour out everything I have, heart and soul, to help others become healthier versions of themselves!


ISSA Personal Trainer

CPR, AED, First Aid Certified

Profile Picture Lindsay Brazell

Contact Information:

Phone: 843.910.4010


Lindsay Brazell Before and After

My Story:

My Before:​

I was always the obese child growing up, the obese teenager in high school and the obese adult. I was never thin, fit, or healthy. I spent most of my life bouncing from one crazy diet to another, popping pills, and all other kinds of crazy methods out of desperation to find that quick fix to lose weight. Sure, I'd lose 40 lbs here and there, but as soon as I returned to my ways, I would gain all the weight back and then some.


About 5 years ago, after the birth of my second son, I decided it was time to get my life together and focus on becoming healthier, if not for me, for my children. I joined a local gym, hired a personal trainer and started tracking every single thing I ate and drank HONESTLY. It wasn't easy, and it was so frustrating at times, but after 3 years and 115 lbs later it was WORTH every single drop of sweat and blood and every single tear. 


These days, when I'm not helping others, I love running and lifting weights. I love building muscle and am determined to keep getting stronger every single day!

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