Kristen Holt


At Fitness Worldwide Gyms, I didn’t lose, I gained! Hear me out. I signed up with a trainer with the same goals that most do, I wanted to lose some weight and tone up.


With guidance from trainers at the gym, I not only reached my goals, I surpassed them. I quickly realized just how much I had gained from my experience. I was happier, healthier, stronger, had a better attitude and found myself more confident in my own skin. 


Yes, I had become stronger both physically and mentally, but beyond that I had found the most amazing community of people, all at different places in their fitness journey, that offered encouragement at every turn. Their continued encouragement prompted me to become an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer.

I want all of those same things for you! I want to be a part of that community of encouragement for you, to see the excitement on your face when you reach a milestone or crush a goal.  I want to be part of your journey to complete wellness. I have no doubt that my knowledge and skill paired with your willingness and dedication will result in success!

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